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Art by Nils Dougan

Laser Cut Wood Relief

Fascinated by the patterns of the universe, I find myself obsessed with both the fundamental rules that underlie these structures and the awesome beauty of their expression. The realization that the spin of a seashell is the same as that of a galaxy, that the way a river branches is identical to the way blood flows through the body, that the very distribution of mass in the cosmos mimics the shape of neurons, has opened a set of universal symbols for me to use in my art. My hope is that by accessing these icons and hovering in the ambiguous spaces they create, I can end up in a place that reveals the singular nature of all things.

With these basic shapes as a foundation, I use a focused beam of light to cut sheets of wood and then stack them for effect. With the mindset of creating pieces that hover between print and sculpture, between easily recognizable and distinctly unique, between reality and illusion, my goal is to catch the viewer briefly unaware, in a state between conscious and subconscious, and draw them into a meditative state.

Let Go - 2019

Focus - 2017