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Art by Nils Dougan

Infinitely Divisible - 2022

Blockchain technology offers a unique solution to an interesting paradox: how can you build trust when you don’t know the other party’s intention? More deeply embedded in that question is: how can you know that the information you have is true? NFTs offer a way to publicly verify and create coherence about identity and ownership. Blurring the lines between illusion and the material makes for fascinating art and creates the opportunity for endless exploration in the way of alternate and virtual reality. But an anchor is needed when matters of distinction require separation. NFTs are bridging the gap created by the opposing forces of digital infinity and authenticity. These tools make it possible to envision a future where everything becomes tokenized and trading your car title or verifying your credentials is as easy as scanning a QR code. My series, Infinitely Divisible, explores the utility and promise of this technology and the implications of bringing it into physical space.

For every work of art an NFT is generated and the token identifier is permanently laser etched into the piece. Ownership also grants legal privileges to token holders who share copyright with the artist, giving them a broad range to use both the physical piece and any associated media. In this way the NFT makes each token one-of-a-kind, grants rare legal rights, acts as a secured letter of provenance, and allows for immediate world-wide proof of ownership. With one foot on the ground and the other in digital space, this series walks the new boundary of reality created by decentralized global consensus.

New owners should contact for shipping information. AbND NFT License can be viewed here.


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